Friday, August 7, 2009

How To Make A Rube Goldberg Style Salad

Pour salad dressing over a levered piece of macaroni— which makes the cherry tomato fall—onto a cracker held in place by a toothpick—to a gear made from grapefruit—the tomato hitting the grapefruit causes the gear to spin—striking the chicken leg—the drumstick kicks the radish—the radish rolls off the piece of celery and tips over the carrot—the carrot tilts the kiwi slice—which causes the Swiss cheese to fly into the wedge of bread—the bread tilts making the cucumber roll off onto a carrot slice—the carrot slice tilts and allows the cucumber to roll down the angled carrot—the cucumber lands on the lettuce. Voila! Salad with cucumber.

This was my first attempt at a Rube Goldberg style, mouse trap, drawing. I discovered when doing a Rube Goldberg drawing it's wise to plan it a few steps ahead of the one you are working on. I originally wanted to make it steampunk (hence the geared grapefruit) but the sketch had different plans.

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